Dazzle at Baur's


Dazzle at Baur's
1512 Curtis St, Denver, CO 80202

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Mar 22 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm



Dazzle Jazz

Dazzle is moving to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) complex.  Originally scheduled for early March, 2023, the transition has been delayed.  That means we will be one of the last acts to perform in the old space at Baurs.  It is a fantastic room with excellent acoustics, so join us for one last hurrah!

Our show will feature Mike McCullough on a set we call “Viva Voce”.  It will be all about the vocals, with songs sung in English, Spanish, French, and maybe even German!  Mike is also a premier scat vocalist, singing improvised lines in unison with his guitar solos ala George Benson.

Featuring (subject to change):

  • Roger Campbell – Clarinet/Leader
  • Mike McCullough – Guitar/Vocals
  • Rick Weingarten – Vibraphone/Vocals
  • Andy Weyl – Piano
  • Dwight Thompson – Bass
  • Jim Moore – Drums


Tickets now available!

Please note:

  • There is a $20 minimum purchase for every listener/customer.  There is a $10 minimum for students.  The $20 cover charge ($15 for students) supports the band, food and beverage purchases support the venue.  This is the only way for Dazzle to stay open.
  • Doors open one hour before showtime.  Arrive early to get the best seats.
  • No masks are required.  Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is not required.
  • The use of cameras or cell phones by patrons is strictly prohibited, unless approved in writing by both After Midnight and Dazzle in advance.
  • Dazzle adds a venue fee to ticket prices to cover the cost of the online ticket platform.  These fees are typically around 10% on top of the base ticket price.
  • After Midnight CDs and Download Cards will be available for purchase and can be included on your guest check.  Dazzle takes a 15% fee on the sales price.

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