Jim Moore – Drums

Jim started jazzin’ with the original Pearl Street Jazz Band back in 1980.  The band was a popular youth Dixieland band from Boulder that traveled to many festivals and made several recordings.  It was resurrected by Roger Campbell in the 1990’s with Jim the only returning member.  The band worked together for over 15 years and made 4 recordings.

For over 25 years, Jim drummed for Your Father’s Mustache Band, traveling throughout North America to over 30 festivals and events including numerous trips to Sacramento, Victoria, Monterrey, Tampa, Scottsdale, San Diego, Iowa, Oregon, and the Bahamas among others.  He still works with them on a steady basis, frequently at their home-base in Cherry Creek – the Bull and Bush.

He performed in warm up bands for Bill Cosby and Rare Silk and regularly appears with the Queen City Jazz Band and the Hot Tomatoes.  He has also worked in the Geritones, the Platte River Jazz Band, Dixieland Express, and the Poudre River Irregulars.  He is in high demand, especially for traditional jazz and swing gigs.

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