Midnight in Madison

Recorded: 2008 - Released: 2010

Live at the 2008 Capital City Jazz Festival in Madison, Wisconsin! This fantastic recording captures the excitement of After Midnight on stage.

Produced by After Midnight.
Recorded at the 2008 Capital City Jazz Festival, Madison, WI.
Recorded by Audio for the Arts, Madison, WI.
Mastered by Mike McCullough.
Photographer: John Akal and Scott Sayles

Track List

1. A Smooth One (Goodman – Ragbag Music)
2. Opus 3/4 (Goodman/Hampton – Ragbag Music)
3. Hallelujah I Love Her So (Charles – Chappell & Co)
Mike McCullough, Vocals
Jodi Rene, Vocals
4. Rose Room (Hickman/Williams – EMI)
5. Stealin’ Apples (Waller/Razaf – Anne-Rachel Music)
6. Gee Baby Ain’t I Good to You (Fisher/Owens – Saw Dust Alley Productions)
Mike McCullough, Vocals
7. Flying Home (Charmichael – Songs of Peer, LTD.)
8. It Had to Be You (Kahn/Jones – WB Music Corp)
Jodi Rene, Vocals
9. Slipped Disc (Goodman – Ragbag Music)
10. Perfidia (Dominguez – Peer International Corp)
Jodi Rene, Vocals
11. Air Mail Special (Goodman/Christian/Mundy – Ragbag Music)
12. Good-bye (Jenkins – Universal-MCA Music)


Justin Adams – Piano
Roger Campbell – Clarinet
Ced Forsyth – Bass
Mike McCullough – Guitar/Vocals
Jim Moore – Drums
Jodi Renee – Vocals
Rick Weingarten – Vibraphone

Have a Listen . . .

      Hallelujah I Love Her So
      Flying Home
      Slipped Disc

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