C'est Si Bon


We are absolutely thrilled to release our much-anticipated 25th Anniversary CD!  The CD features a curated selection of tracks that showcase the band’s evolution and highlights our musical journey over the past two and a half decades. From classic standards to original compositions, each track embodies the band’s signature sound and commitment to excellence!

Produced by Roger Campbell

Recorded at Mighty Fine Productions, Denver, CO

Recording engineer: Loren Dorland

Mixing and mastering engineer: Mike McCullough

Photograph by Ann Moore

Graphic Design: Brett Stiles

Track List
  1. Les Yeux Noirs (Hermann, Hrebinkain)
  2. You Can Be Replaced (Maker, Hush)
  3. Ain’t Nobody Here but Us Chickens (Kramer, Whitney – Bourne Co)
  4. A Minor Miner (Meeks)
  5. Stereo Stomp (Goodman – Ragbag Music Publishing Corp)
  6. Godfather Waltz (Rota – Sony/ATV Harmony)
  7. June Night (Friend, Baer)
  8. Shirley Steps Out (Powell)
  9. C’est Si Bon (Betti, Hornez – Editions Beuscher Arpege)
  10. Gonna Go Crazy (If I Can’t Have You) (Meeks)
  11. Mardi Gras Party (Weingarten)
  12. I Would Do Anything for You (Hill, Hopkins, Williams – Simon George Music Co)
  13. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) (Cogane, Mysels, Robertson – Edwin H Morris and Co/Penn Music Co)
  14. I Brung You Finjans for Your Zarf (Farlow, Norvo – Cireco Music)

Roger Campbell – Clarinet

Mike McCullough – Guitar/Vocals

Jim Moore – Drums

Dwight Thompson – Bass

Rick Weingarten – Vibraphone/Vocals

Andy Weyl – Piano


Special thanks to inspired young musicians from Laramie High School.

Dedicated to:

  • Larry Meeks (1930 – 2023)
  • Jan Campbell (1930 – 2022)
Have a Listen . . .
      Les Yeux Noirs
      Ain't Nobody Here
      C'est Si Bon
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